Saturday 23 May 2009

Thick as a brick

Okay, I was almost ready to entertain the counter-intuitive concept of the Mongoose, the bat that Stuart Law reckons will 'take the world by storm'.

It all looked vaguely plausible as Stuey waved it around in the nets, and then Mongoose brought out their second advocate. It was er, Devon Malcolm.

Devon Malcolm: 40 Tests, 236 runs, ave 6.05; 304 first class matches, 1985 runs, ave 7.84; batting described on cricinfo as 'court jester standard'.

NB: Manufacturers sense opportunity in T20 like everyone else. The Mongoose follows Gray-Nicolls' Dual T20, a bat with a use no-one has yet figured out. There will be no one-size fits all 'revolution' because bats are individual things serving idiosyncratic users. The inventor of the Mongoose has just been on Sky News. He used to be a marketing man. That figures, somehow. 

Breaking: Ceci finds rare image of Devon at the crease. Must have been shot on a fast exposure.


David Barry said...

Of all people to try the double-sided bat, I'm amazed it was David Warner. I don't believe he actually used the reverse side during his half-innings with it, which is not surprising given that he is a big clubber of the ball.

I guess Eoin Morgan might find it useful, judging by that double-reverse sweep of his.

Ceci said...

Took me absolutely AGES to find a pic of Devon batting....

The Old Batsman said...

I still can't figure out any shot that you'd want to play with it.

Ceci - genius - am adding it to the story!