Saturday 2 May 2009


American authorities have refused to arrest Sir Allen Stanford.

Unlike the ECB, who have merely refused to admit they know him.

They 'announced' the P20, a competition previously hyped as the EPL, the other day. The news sneaked out like a guilty secret about 6pm in the sure and certain knowledge that everyone else [apart from David Hopps] was writing about the Test squad. 

And here is the news: The EPL was going to include an Indian XI and the Stanford Superstars. The P20 isn't. The EPL was going to feature city franchises and player auctions. The P20 isn't. The EPL was going to develop the game and the format, Lalit-style. The P20... ah, you guessed it. 

It's just a bunch of county teams playing a shorter tournament than the Pro40, which it's replacing. But don't tell anyone. 

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