Thursday 14 May 2009

Sleeping with the Chrises

Chris Gayle says he wants to be West Indies captain. But Chris Gayle's hair says something different. Chris Gayle's hair says he wants to be a free man again. He's ditched the sensible 'do and reached for the cornrows. The rebellion has moved from the press interview to the top of his head.

Chris says he was misquoted in said press. But Chris Gayle's hair says Chris spoke the truth. The empty seats at the Riverside tell a similar story. Those nebulous 'authorities' need to listen up to the hair and the seats, if not Chris's interview. 

'Don't sleep with Chris on your mind' was one of the man's more memorable pronouncements. So stay out of his face and take note of the hair. If you're killing the joy in Chris, you're killing some of the joy in the game. 

1 comment:

Brit said...

Gayle is too cool to be captain. He's the coolest guy in cricket.

Gower was the same.