Saturday 16 May 2009

H Bombshell

A couple of weeks back, Left Arm Chinaman wrote about Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers theory on the birth months of  successful people [those born late in the school intake - ie August in England - almost never make it because they start off by competing against kids almost a year older]. 

It transpires that almost of fifth of the Australian squad are born in October. According to Gladwell's notion, this means that England [who incidentally have no players born in August] should produce twice as many elite players as Australia. 

Gladwell gets paid millions by businessmen to talk about this stuff. It's called money for old rope. Maybe he's got a theory on why thirty per cent of Australia's centrally contracted players have surnames that begin with 'H'. That must mean something, mustn't it? Malcolm?

Alternatively, we could consult the great Geoffrey Boycott. Some of his best exchanges on TMS recently have revealed that he's a big believer in i] star signs and ii] feng shui. Who'd have thunk it?

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