Thursday 21 May 2009

Greatest Living Yorkshireman mark iii

Were you faster than Fred Trueman?
Without a doubt. I think everyone gets faster as days go on. But it's not all about pace. Fred Trueman was a tremendous bowler.

Three guesses as to the speaker... oh alright, you'll only need one. It's the Dazzler of course, Darren Gough, in a nice interview at TWC

How good it would be if Fred were around to debate the matter, but as neither he nor Darren were particularly reticent on the subject of their own talents, I suspect they probably did.

The next question, of course, should have been 'so Jimmy Anderson is quicker than you, then?', but Goughy might have actually exploded before answering that one.

He's bullish on the subject of Flintoff, too: '...if he could just learn to hold the ball up a bit, he'd be so much better, but he's not a natural bowler is he; we all consider him a batsman who bowls a bit'.

Goughy doesn't enlarge on who 'we' are, but it's interesting to note Freddie's total of Test wickets - 218 - now just eleven shy of Darren's 229. 

It's taken Fred 17 more Tests though, as someone might remind you should the topic come up. 

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Rob said...

"Without a doubt" ... there is no real way to tell would be much more accurate. I never thought Gough was that quick anyway.