Friday 19 March 2010

Rajasthan 92 'Best innings ever' says Warnie

Shane Warne has called Rajasthan Royals' 92 all out against Royal Challengers Bangalore yesterday 'the best innings I've ever seen'.

The greatest bowler of his generation said, 'Believe me, I've played in the Australian team that lost the Ashes, seen India beat us after following on, watched England collapse hundreds of times but none match this. The Royals are leading the way once again'.

After Bangalore knocked off the 92 in 10 overs, Warne was heard muttering that Jacques Kallis was 'the fattest cricketer I've ever bowled to'.

Later he twittered that the Rajasthan Royals baseball cap would now be known as 'the Baggy Blue'.


Brit said...

This instant mythologising is what they do in Rugby Union all the time. Every try in the 6 Nations is "For The Ages", and with every successful penalty a kicker "Writes Himself Into the History Books."

Mark said...

Happens in every sport Brit, not just Rugby Union.

Selvey is very cross about this in the Guardian today.