Friday 5 March 2010

Prosper Utseya remains focused

When you've been a sport's whipping boys for years, you must sustain yourself during those long days in the field by imagining what it will be like when you start to win, how it will feel to mount that dias and give your little speech to Athers or Mikey Holding or Tubby Taylor or whoever's got the mic that day, what it is you'll say when you finally get your say.

So it was for Prosper Utseya yesterday after the win over West Indies, and he played the proverbial blinder, opting for a withering reversal of the words he must have heard so often: 'West Indies are still a good side,' he said. 'We still respect them. For us to beat them we need to make sure we play hard, remain focused, pay attention to the small things and remain disciplined'.

Oh yeah baby. No wonder Chris Gayle looked pissed off...

NB: West Indies needed 15 from the last over. The first three balls went 6, 4, 1. They lost. The next three went w, w, 1. The game itself can mean only one thing: They'll hammer in England in their first game of the of the World T20 and reach at least the semi-finals.

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