Wednesday 10 March 2010

More words worth

Rock lyrics that aren't about cricket but could be: Number two of an occasional series

'Many too many have stood where I stand,
Many more will stand here too,
I think what I find strange is how you built me up
And knocked me down again'
- Genesis, Many Too Many

On England's limited over wicketkeeper-batsmen [Phil Mustard, James Foster, Tim Ambrose, Steve Davies, Matt Prior and next Craig Kieswetter...]?


Mark said...

Genesis eh? The poor man's Yes or the rich man's Marillion...

Peter Gabriel's ode to an English batsman facing one of the best ever Windies quick bowlers -

"In a trap, feel a strap
Holding still, pinned for the kill
Chances narrow that I'll make it
In the cushioned straitjacket
Just like 22nd St.
And they got me my neck and feet
Pressure's building, can't take more
My headache's charged, earaches roar."

(In the Cage)

The Old Batsman said...

I think I'm going to have to rename it 'Prog Rock lyrics about cricket' - it's just too fertile...