Tuesday 30 March 2010

Stats of the day with Haydos and the MCC

'Thousands': The number of balls Matthew Hayden had to hit with the Mongoose before he felt 'mentally prepared' to play with it.

One: The number of days it took for bowlers to start complaining about the pink ball.

Notes on stat one: Even Haydos admitted he found the short blade 'intimidating'. How glad Mongoose must be he gave this interview.

Notes on stat two: If we're going to continue to play matches on pitches like roads in forty degree heat, it won't matter if they bowl a Rubik's Cube, it ain't gonna swing or seam. It's not the ball we should be talking about...

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Thiru Cumaran said...

Some one had written a report on BBC about the pink ball, saying that it's hard for them to spot it from the press box! Perhaps it's for the best, as we may not have to hear any idiotic commentary from the TV commentators! :D