Monday 22 June 2009

World T20... cut - and that's a wrap

So it's over, and it had a bit of everything; the redemptive story arc, the handsome hero, some noble deeds, feisty sidekicks, a little comedy, pathos, bathos, slapstick, farce, even the odd rewrite. And like all the best flicks, someone had the good sense to cut it and leave us wanting more, or at least not less. Stand up Steve Elworthy. You doing anything in 2010, buddy? There's a 50 over tournament that needs sorting out...

You know who the Oscar winners were. But who took home the Razzies, the brickbats, the alternative acclaim? Well:

Quote of the tournament: 'We're not bothered about the fielding' - Younus Khan. 
[Not bothered about fielding. Still won. Music to the ears.]

Best attempt at a not-outer [sponsored by Red Ink inc]: Jacques Kallis, SA vs Pakistan

Most dramatic injury: Kevin Pietersen ['I could break down at any time'].

Best haircut: Isuru Udana. Perennial Runner Up: Ishant

Deja Vu All Over Again Moment: England's first ball to Yuvraj, England vs India

Best run-out attempt, with overthrows: Stuart Broad, England vs Netherlands

Best Bowling: Brett Lee 3-0-51-0, Australia vs West Indies

The Best Australian Bowler Allan Border Medal Award: Dirk Nannes [Netherlands]

Best player of spin: Kieron Pollard, West Indies vs Sri Lanka

Best player of fast bowling: Suresh Raina, India vs England

The Hummel Replica Sports Shirts 'XI With The Most Upfront' Award: South Africa

Services To UK Tourism: Ricky Ponting - 'We've got two weeks in Leicester'.

The One Fact Everyone Knows Award: Don't square cut Shahid Afridi - AB de Villiers

Finished Exactly Where Expected Award: England [Super-Eights]

Understudy of the Tournament: Graham Napier, England

And finally...

Best retirement: That must go to Younus, too, ['I'm too old for this kind of cricket'] along with the most idealistic yet somehow hopeful speech: 'I am requesting of all countries, you must come to Pakistan. Everyone knows law and order is not good, but it's not our fault. Especially for youngsters, we need home series because there is no cricket in Pakistan. How can we motivate the youngsters, especially at school level and college level? I think this will help us build a new structure in Pakistan for our future'.

Well, until then, they can play here anytime. 

Update: The Sportsfreak Tipping Competition results are in. Now I know how Brett Lee feels. 


Q said...

Good one OB.

"You doing anything in 2010, buddy? There's a 50 over tournament that needs sorting out..."

Which one?

Leg Break said...


What about a Cricket Blog right on top of their Tipping Game award?

Brit said...

Ooh bad luck on the tipping, OB. Relegation to Div 2, is it?

This being a cricket tipping comp however, I expect next year they'll expand it, divvy it up into regional groups, half of which are played before and half after an additional knockout competition, followed by a further round in which the winners of each group play the runners up in a best of three...etc etc

Ceci said...

Top tipsters are cheap and nasty conmen OB - you are pure class.

Udana's hair - was transfixed by it - convinced it was a wig he was wearing in for a friend

Leg Break said...


I like your thinking. Tipping competition, mixed with T20 cricket, must be very flexible.

The Old Batsman said...

Q - Yeah, I keep thinking that the Champions trophy thing or whatever it's called is next year, but it's not is it. Anyway, let him have a go at whatever he likes. Anything that has '50 overs' attached, get Elworthy to cut it in half...

As far as the tipping goes, I guess I'll be unseeded next time, just like Australia. Arf.

Ceci, have you tackled that hair artistically yet? Surely it's calling you...