Tuesday 30 June 2009

Geoffrey and Michael, ebb and flow

There is [if you believe Steve Harmison at least] a tendency for modern players to disregard Geoffrey Boycott. Yet here he is on Michael Vaughan today:

'Ultimately, I think his mistake was to try to play the same way for the rest of his career. Cricket is like life, it ebbs and flows, and you go through good times and bad. The trick is knowing when to eke out a gritty, ordinary half century, and when you are in terrific form and can get onto the bowlers'. 

That is just about as perfect a summary as you can get of Vaughan's last two years.

Geoffrey went on to praise Vaughan, and rightly so. His reputation in England will grow.

NB: Andrew Flintoff, however, is becoming a fucking buffoon. It's not so much that he missed the bus, it's what he missed by missing the bus that matters.


Dave said...

Sampling some of the local produce, perhaps?

The Old Batsman said...

Almost certainly...!

Leg Break said...

I'd have thought Belgium was one place on the planet free of pedalos.

Little do I know.

So who is left from 2005 now then?

(not counting gingas)

The Old Batsman said...

Paul Collingwood MBE aside, and presuming Flintoff is a legless twat and therefore unable to stand, Strausser and KP. Mind you, Harmi's just bowled well for the Lions.

They're quite low too: Punter, Katich, Clarke, potentially Lee.

God, it was only four years ago...