Sunday 7 June 2009

Never mind the quality...

...Feel the run rate: +1.88.

England ease into the Super-Eights*. You never really doubted them, did you?

* As officially announced by, er Nasser Hussain whilst interviewing Kevin Pietersen on Sky Sports. 

Nasser: 'I can tell you that you're definitely through Kevin'.
KP: 'How do you know that?'
Nasser: 'Maths, Kevin'.



Q said...

That was actually said? haha!

Yep England are through and if Pak want to get there they will have to break a lot of Dutch hearts

Brit said...

Never doubted them for a minute. The way they managed the net run rate in that game against the windmill-and-clog brigade was masterful.

Nailed on World Cup and Ashes winners (unless they lose in the next round, in which case they're an aaaabsooluuuute diiisgraaaace)

achettup said...

Priceless indeed!

Rob said...

Odd thing is I think England had to only win by two runs or with one ball to spare to qualify -- why did they not make it obvious? Pakistan are going to struggle to qualify. Didn't they used to be good? Afridi batted like hatton boxed against Pacquiao - clueless.

12th Man said...

/* KP: 'How do you know that?' */

Maybe KP just couldn't believe what England managed to do in those last three hours before the presentation ceremony.

Patricia said...

If anyone here knows how the run rate is calculated I would be very grateful if you could let me know. I am, or once was, a mathematician, and after last night's victory I would like to think and mull over run rates.

Q said...


Run rate = runs scored divided by overs faced.

Net Run Rate = (runs scored divided by overs faced) - (runs conceded divided by overs bowled).


England 162/5 in 20
Netherlands 163/6 in 20.

England's Net Run Rate = (162-163)/20 = -0.05

After the Pakistan game, this is what happens:

England runs scored: 162 in 20, 185 in 20.

England runs conceded: 163 in 20, 137 in 20.

England NRR = ((162+185)/40) - ((163+137)/40) = +1.175 ~ +1.18


1. If a team is bowled out before the 20th over, their run rate is calculated by using the full quota of 20 overs.

2. If a team chases a target before the 20th over, then their NRR is calculated using the number of overs they faced in getting to their target.

Another thing to keep in mind when dividing by number of overs is that 16.3 overs does not mean u divide by 16.3 because its actually 16 and a half overs, i.e. 16.5 overs mathematically.. so when calculating run rate u have to divide by:

0.1 overs ---> 0.167
0.2 ---> 0.33
0.3 ---> 0.5
0.4 ---> 0.67
0.5 ---> 0.83

Hope this helps.

Patricia said...

Thanks Q. That is really interesting. I couldn't work out why a difference of one run led to 0.05! Just me being stupid.

Thanks for such detailed information. Now I'll be able to work out why England were certain to go through even though the last match hadn't been played.

Q said...


England are certain to go through cos their Net run rate is better than Netherlands.

If the Dutch win, Eng go through obviously and if the Dutch lose than England's run rate stays above theirs hence they go through..

Makes no difference the last game :-)

The Old Batsman said...

Thanks Q - I wasn't aware of Note 1 - can't have been paying attention. Net run Rate is just another reason why cricket is the greatest game in the world, don't you think? It has a richness to the stats that other sports can't approach...

Q said...

I agree OB.. even without the NRR, I believe cricket has more stats to offer than any other sport.

Patricia said...

Well, I may be wrong but so far I've only had time to work out what happens when no team has a successful run chase in less than 20 overs. I find that if Netherlands end up with a higher run than England, then Pakistan's run rate will be negative and vice versa. So England should stay in either way. I've got to go out now but will look at the other scenario later.I think it will work in the same way though.

David Barry said...

It has a richness to the stats that other sports can't approach...

I think some baseball fans may disagree!

guestblogger said...

Ha ha got to love Nasser! Really enjoy it when he interviews KP.

Would you be able to drop me an email when you get the chance? Still got something to run by you.