Friday 3 December 2010

Second Test, Day One: The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice

In space, no-one can hear you scream: 'The run out was my fault. The call was too soft, it just didn't come out,' Shane Watson

Nice problem to have: 'I think Steve Waugh also got a golden duck in his 150th Test,' - Mike Atherton on commentary for Ricky Ponting's dismissal

Why they call him Mr Cricket: 'Hussey was eager for any advice from Border. One gem was: "Always ensure that your practice replicates as closely as possible what happens in the middle." So what did Hussey do in the unforgiving heat of Perth? He organised himself a net and a posse of bowlers. Then he batted for two hours from 10 o'clock to midday, whereupon he took a break of 40 minutes. Then he batted for another two hours before resting for 20 minutes. Then another two hours,' - Vic Marks, Guardian

Aussie Press Stats Round-up: 18.50 - Michael Clarke's average in the 12 matches since he moved up to number four [Courier Mail]
17 - Number of Tests since Australian selectors dropped a batsman [The Australian]
4 - Number of batsmen on the four-man selection panel [The Australian]
22 - Number of years since Australia has gone four Tests without a victory [The Australian]
8.29 - Marcus North's average when called upon to bat before Australia have made 150 [SMH]
54.79 - North's average when going in with 150+ on the board [SMH]
1 - Number of players to make a 'diamond duck' in an Ashes Test before yesterday [Rodney Hogg run out by Dennis Lillee, 1981 - SMH]

Par Watch: 'It turned out to be a good toss to lose,' - Jimmy Anderson; 'We know we're going to have to bowl well,' - Mike Hussey [oh god, he's not going to bowl too, is he...?]

Expert gambling tip: '3-1 both teams over 300 first innings' - Andrew Flintoff, via Twitter

Cultural Divide: 'Weird Pom says bring back Warnie' - Racing commentator John McCririck interviewed in the Courier Mail

Can't keep him away: 'Warnie copped mixed reviews for his debut, with viewers fixated as much on his tan and unnaturally white teeth as his interviewing style,' The Herald Sun on Shane's new chat show


Mark said...

When Ponting edged to slip first ball I came closer to a non-sexual orgasm than I ever have before.

An Aussie acquaintance texted me and asked where he could find the rest button on his TV.

Mark said...

Sorry - make that 'reset' button...


Tim Newman said...

Aussie Whine of the Day:

The row appeared to centre on an incident during the latter stages of Australia’s innings, during Haddin’s ninth-wicket partnership with Peter Siddle, when Anderson was seen talking to the batsmen and, in the words of one Australian newspaper, “invading their personal space”.

Aw, diddums!

Patricia said...

Very amusing, Mark! It really was a joy to watch Ponting getting out first ball.