Saturday 4 December 2010

Second Test, Day Two: Geoffrey And The Deathly Hallows

Thickos: 'Anyone who gets out on this pitch is an idiot' - Geoffrey Boycott

Voldemort lives: Geoffrey wore this at the Adelaide Oval [for charity...]

Sexy cricket: 'This pitch was not just friendly to batsmen, it was passionately in love with them' - Vic Marks, Guardian

Could be better: 'It was almost ideal batting conditions' - Alistair Cook

It's only a day away: 'Never give up and the sun will come up tomorrow. Who knows what it will bring!!! Never give up!!!' - Shane Warne, via Twitter

Gambling man: 'Just gets better, Cook's earning me money every run he scores and when KP gets a big hundred tomorrow and Jimmy knocks them over happy days' - Andrew Flintoff's Dubai-based get rich quick scheme, via Twitter

Betas need not apply: 'Australia must unearth an alpha male to lead its struggling pace battery' - Courier Mail

Rumour mill: 'He was being sacked, he had been in a fight, he was badly beaten up — Bumble had also mentioned being jostled by some drunks in the centre of Brisbane on Sunday — he was dying, he had cancer...' - Martin Samuel on the fall-out of David Lloyd's resignation from Twitter, Daily Mail

Par Watch: Cancelled.


Brit said...

And how about...

The One Thing the Australians Would Least Like to Happen Tomorrow, in the Context of the Tour (Surely It Couldn't, That Would Just be Ridiculous): Pietersen to make a double-hundred.

The Old Batsman said...

It's like going to bed every night making a wish and when you wake up, it's come true. Nice.