Monday 27 December 2010

Fourth Test, Second Day: Simply Seeking Clarification

KP - the Verdict: 'Terrific batsman, great entertainer, huge presence at the crease. But still a wanker' - Chucker, The Age

What happened honest, by R Ponting, age 36 and 8 days: 'I entered into discussion with the umpires about the detail of the decision having viewed replays being shown on the big screen. I accept the discussion went for too long and I understand the reasons for the dissent charge handed down by the ICC this evening. I was simply trying to seek clarification from the umpires regarding how the decision had been made after being referred to the third umpire' - CA statement

Trotters - lone boozer: 'he is the batting equivalent of the fellow at a party who no one recognises, who stays in the kitchen on his own but is last to leave' - Mike Selvey, Guardian

Righteous anger: 'Not one Australian applauds Prior's half-century - not good to see' - Michael Vaughan, via Twitter

Old Proghead daddio: Michael Vaughan is now following Muse on Twitter

Pots, kettles etc: 'And the award for Most Graceless Captain in World Sport goes to...Ricky Ponting. What a shocking little hissy fit' - Piers Morgan, via Twitter

Cross-sport commentary: 'another Aussie bottling it on the darts' - Andrew Flintoff, via Twitter

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Mark said...

MPV followed Chappelli on air during TMS last night after the Australian had been waxing lyrical about great slip catchers of his era.

'Surprised he didn't mention Ian Botham' said Vaughan.

(Sound of outraged spluttering from the back of the box picked up on the effects mike)