Sunday 5 December 2010

Second Test, Day Three: Here Be Monsters

Bowler's wicket: 'Marcus North was turning it square and it's hard to drive on' - Kevin Pietersen [KP Pietersen 213*, 31x4, 1x6]

Avert your eyes, mate: 1068-5 - England's last two innings combined

Big question: 'What are the reasons we haven't been able to get as many wickets as we've liked? that's something we've been talking about,' - Shane Watson

Glass half full: 'Even Australia's occasional moral victories contained presentiments of the crushing defeat to come' - Greg Baum, SMH

What did you really used to think of us, then? 'It's payback time for England as they aim to atone for the atrocities of summers past' - SMH

Media training 101: 'Are we praying for rain? I don't know how honest I can be...' - Shane Watson

Michael Clarke's evening: 'Watching The Break Up. Very funny show. Jennifer Aniston is hot' - via Twitter

Tim Bresnan goes to see Eric Clapton: 'It were rubbish, all guitars' - via GP Swann's Twitter

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elegantstroke said...

Media Training 101 is a gem :)