Saturday 20 November 2010

Ramps: not there forever

Glamorgan and Leicestershire may be in meltdown, but the revolution at Surrey held together. Although you might want to read closely the reaction of coach Chris Adams to the news that Mark Ramprakash has gone in the fetlock playing football, and may miss the start of next season:

'It's just unfortunate that it's come at this stage of Mark's career... It is a blow but obviously we have to plan to be without him possibly in the opening weeks, if it comes to that, and it offers an opportunity for other players to show what they can do... Mark won't be there forever so someone has the opportunity to prove he can step up...'

We'll see what the brooding Heathcliff of county cricket makes of that, when he blows back in off the moors of winter...


Barry said...

I do hope Ramps would play CC for a few more seasons.It is very unfortunate that he played during the dark days of 90's. Every-time the selectors would pick him he would be playing against either Wambrose(Walsh and Ambrose) or Donald and Pollock!

Patricia said...

No - he won't be there for ever - what are we going to do? Go to the matches with fingers crossed I expect.

I look on his test career differently. It seemed that initially when he did well as a debutant he was dropped from the next series, when he did badly he was dropped immediately and when he was finally given a run in the England team and did well he was dropped.