Thursday 25 November 2010

Day One: Keep calm and carry on

Sub-editor of the day: 'The first ball phobia of the bowlers transferred itself to the batsmen as Andrew Strauss was out third ball' - Telegraph caption

Which Mitch? Ordinary Mitch today. Tattoos looked sharp though.

New Boy: Xavier Doherty - called 'Ex- Ayvier' all day by Shane Warne, great first ball, dropped catch, made Kevin Pietersen laugh.

Par watch: 'It was certainly under par' - Ian Bell; 'England's day really wasn't that bad' Steve James, Telegraph; 'Australia dominated day one' - Sydney Morning Herald; 'England perhaps 30 runs short' - Guardian.

Best accent: Peter Siddle - makes Ricky Ponting sound like Brian Sewell. Post play interview probably needed subtitles for English viewers.

Channel Nine moment of the day: 'Umpire's Decision - Out' - caption on referral system playback of Siddle's unsuccessful appeal against Trott.

Movember moments: Hilfenhaus to Pietersen.

Freddie's plans: 'Family time. Will nip to the pub later for my pint, let me know how good yours tastes, then up all night for day two, come on England' - via Twitter

Zen reflection on day one: Neither ours nor theirs. It just was.


Brit said...

One consolation of the nightly 3am wake-up call from Brit Jnr (15 months old and STILL NOT SLEEPING THROUGH) is that at least I can cure the resultant insomnia by watching Cookie bat for a few hours.

Mark said...

Peter Siddle makes Ricky Ponting sound like Brian Sewell

Well done!

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...


15 Months, I feel for you there.

I have an 18 month old, and in fairness to her, she has slept through for a long time now.

I'm doing the first session shift, so could well do without the early wake up calls.

Maybe you should Sky+ Cook's innings and play it to Jnr just before bedtime.