Tuesday 23 November 2010

Numbers game: Mitch's Radar

Number of England players targeted by Mitchell Johnson at yesterday's press conference: 2

Number of wides bowled by Mitchell Johnson in a club match last weekend: 11


Anonymous said...

But he didn't bowl any in the Sheffield Shield match after the club match.

And he got a five for and a ton in it. But that doesn't mean he's in form, I'll say that.

I'm not sure that's he's ever actually in form.

And I wish he'd keep his mouth shut, we all know he doesn't actually believe anything that he says.

Tony said...

For the record.

Out of that 11 wides there was a 5 wides. There might also have been a 4 wides, but the reports seem unclear. The rest of his innings returned 1/13 off 10 overs.

The Old Batsman said...

Was that five wides as in so wide that a keeper standing 30 yards away couldn't reach it?

But feel free to come back and hammer me when he gets a bagful on day one at brissie!

The Sporting Politician said...

I am with you sir

Mitch has been very vocal this week considering his record against England. I hope he gets his short ball tactics wrong and plays it right into Strauss' cut and pull areas so we can watch the runs pour in.

I saw your blog linked on wicket to wicket and i like your content.

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Tony said...

I once played in a match in which a bowler took 5 for 5 off 5 overs, with 5 wides coming off one ball which went under the keeper.