Wednesday 5 May 2010

Tremwatch: Workload Explosion

This blog may have given the impression that the 'management' of Surrey star signing Chris Tremlett's 'workload' was nothing more than an amusing euphemism. In reality, it's a strategy of genius, and should be adopted immediately by the entire world and everyone in it.

Number of games Surrey have played this season: 6

Number of overs bowled by Chris Tremlett: 26 [18-7-35-4 and 8-2-18-1].

He even got a knock as nightwatchman.


Brit said...

Though to be brutally honest an asthmatic shrew could blow away the current Glos top 6.

The Old Batsman said...

Yes, I think Tremmers suffered from an asthmatic shrew at one point. Still he'd better blow you away quickly today, because Surrey's batting weren't all that, either, as they say

Brit said...

The imbalance between bat and ball, which is all bat in 1-day cricket - appears to be the other way round in Div 2 Championship cricket at mo. Glos haven't managed to score 300 yet in 7 (soon 8) innings, yet they've won one, could win today, and could have won the other two, because thay have good seam bowlers and nobody in Div 2 can score runs. Grassy pitches, a strange ball, seam up - games all over in 3 days.

The only solution I can think of is to reverse the batting order and open with 2 nightwatchmen.