Tuesday 25 May 2010

Life is sweet, Boom Boom is king

Whatever god you believe in, whichever benign universal force you fancy, offer up thanks, because they've come up trumps for you today: Shahid Afridi is captain of Pakistan. And they're over here for the summer.

Shahid's coming out of a four-year Test retirement. He's just kicked ass at the Commission Enquiry. His first job? Check that Shoaib Ahktar has recovered sufficiently from genital warts, persuade Younis Khan and Shoaib Malik out of retirement, ignore all the bans, retain Kamran Akmal and put together a 35 man provisional squad that contains at least four previous captains. He's graciously allowing PCB chairman Ijaz Butt to kiss his backside while he does so. The man's cleaning house. Shahid means business. He might even be able to persuade Mohammad Asif to smuggle his M16 through customs.

This is how to look cool while Ijaz tells the world why he loves you. Shahid is coming. Rejoice. The summer just got better.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes with Boom Boom

The Nurdler said...

Well, we hope they lay on some snacks, in case the poor chap gets a bit peckish...