Friday, 12 February 2010

At least you know where you stand, Giles

Poor old Toni Terry, put-upon wife of England's Brave John Terry, knows where she ranks now that the great man has run to her side in Dubai a mere three Premier League games after his shagging exploits caused her to flee. She's more important that a cup tie against Cardiff, but less important than matches against Everton, Hull and Arsenal.

Then there's Elin Nordegren, wife of Tiger Woods. She's proving more important than all golf tournaments this season, but then Tiger doesn't usually play in those anyway. The acid test - is she more important than the Accenture World Matchplay and the Arnold Palmer tournament at Bay Hill - await.

Spare a thought too, for Giles Clarke and the ECB. They had the whole English season nicely planned out before Lalit Modi let them know that they'd have to shift things around a bit because of the Champions League, passing the message along via the prestigious route of Twitter.

At least Allan Stanford and the Rajasthan Royals bothered to turn up at Lord's. Allan even brought a helicopter. Still, you know where you rank now Giles. Just keep an eye on that Twitter page...

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Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

It's about time Giles stood up to the IPL, if he dosen't want to tell them where to go, then why dosen't he move aside and let someone with some back bone do it.

He's probably still to busy fretting over the possibility of his lucrative contract with Sky going up in smoke over the crown jewels issue.