Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Naming ceremony

I love the Allan Border Medal, and not just for Hayley Bracken's dress. It debuted during my sojourn in Oz, and it was always a joy to watch, not least because of the baroque scoring system and the fact that someone, and sometimes more than one, were suitably refreshed as they took the stage. 

So much so that the only thing stopping me from proposing the same thing over here is what we'd actually call the medal. Let's have a vote. Here are my candidates:

The WG Grace Medal

The Sir Ian Botham Medal

The Douglas Jardine Medal

The Graham Gooch Medal

The Frederick Sewards Trueman Medal

The Mike Brearley Medal

The Michael Vaughan Medal [although he's so modest, he'd probably refuse the use of his name]

And naturally

The Mark Ramprakash Medal

Feel free to chip in... 

NB: An inside job on this year's ABM at Cricket with balls


Thiru Cumaran said...

How about this...

The winner of the Shahid Afridi Award is *drumroll* Shane Watson, who was clearly the biggest dick in the Australian Summer after the award-presenter, Shahid Afridi

Brit said...

The Darren Pattinson Medal.