Thursday 19 March 2009

MPV player

Hear that? The unmistakable sound of an engine starting up. The engine of the Michael Vaughan bandwagon, that is. 

Everyone knows that Michael's been hitting it nicely in the nets. Goes without saying. But now he's hitting it nicely over in Abu Dhabi, too, where the previously underestimated Pro Arch trophy has assumed its rightful status as the series that will decide the fate of the Ashes.

On the hallowed turf of the Zayed Cricket stadium, MP Vaughan of Michael Vaughan's Yorkshire took 115 from the Surrey attack, a century that's got everyone talking.

'He looked exceptional, ' said Graham Thorpe, in attendance in his role as Surrey batting coach, 'It's the first run out for everybody, but apparently he's been stroking the ball well in the nets, annnnnnddd...'

Woah! Sorry, drifted off into an MPV-inspired reverie there. He's back! And he's hitt... well, you know the score.

Maybe someone should ask Geoffrey Boycott, Board Director at Michael Vaughan's Yorkshire. Oh, they have: 'He hasn't made runs since he pulled out of Test cricket. He came back for (Michael Vaughan's) Yorkshire, batted in around five innings, didn't add up to 20 runs, and all he's done is rested all winter. So he's got to get some runs for (Michael Vaughan's) Yorkshire to get picked. You can't pick him on reputation for something that happened five or six years ago in Australia. That's nonsense. Everybody's talking about his talent, but has he got the kick, the real desire? He's talking a good game, but I don't see any runs on the board.'

But Geoffrey, he's playing in the Zayed stadium, see, and he's hitting it really well and... 


Damith S. said...

What nonsense from Boycs, clearly the boy wonder is hitting it well in the nets and scoring runs in a competition that would put state cricket to shame.

MPV Player for Ashes I say !

Crownish said...

most paluable vlayer?

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