Wednesday 11 March 2009

1200 grams: the magic number

At last. After just the 2,824 ODIs, something interesting from the post-match presentation. Simon Doull asked Virender Sehwag how much his bats weighed. Give that man a coconut. Sehwag misheard at first, but then revealed that they're 12oo grams.

I didn't know that subcontinental players used grams. It's kind of poetic. Reaching for the converter, that's 2lbs 10.32 oz. It's the .32 that makes all the difference. His career strike rate is now 101.66 over 199 innings. 

He wouldn't get in the England squad of course. His BMI is all a bit Samit Patel for that. You need to be fit in this game, like Ian Bell. 


Leela said...

Another reason Sehwag will not get into the Eng squad: he speaks his mind!

David Barry said...

It occurred to me, reading this post, that cricket bat weights must be the only place where I think ONLY in Imperial. Everything else I can either convert quickly to/from metric, or at least have a vague idea about what it means. But a 1.2kg bat.... thanks for giving me the weight in pounds and ounces!

Anonymous said...

We do not follow the British system of units OB.

We measure mass in Kg and gm (not in lbs) and we speak of speed in kmph (and not mph).

Our education is based on the SI system of units, so you can say.

achettup said...

Lets put it this way, if we ever sent a cricket ball crashing into Mars, we wouldn't be able to blame it on a metric conversion error... but maybe we could blame it on Viru.