Monday 2 March 2009

Year of the Bat

At close of play on 2 March, 9,789 Test runs have been scored since 1 January, at an average of 44.29 per wicket. A cursory check reveals that, of late, 2006 had more runs by this date - 12,577 - but from 25 per cent more matches, at an average per wicket of 38.22.

We've had single innings totals of 765, 749, 644, 606, 600 and 566. We've had Younus Khan's 313, Sarwan's 291, Jayawardene's 240, Samaraweera's 231 and 214. We've had 22 individual Test hundreds. Cook, Sarwan, Pietersen, Collingwood and Kapugadera have all got out in the 90s, and don't even mention Mitchell Johnson.

Sarwan requires just eight more runs to exceed his total output for 2008. He's had four innings. 

Now if South Africa and Australia would just stop playing these traditional-style Test matches, you know, with results and everything...


Anonymous said...

All the talk at the moment is of Test cricket being de-valued by Twenty20 and the IPL.

On the showing so far this year, the only test has been in staying awake through a days play. No help needed from the IPL I fear!

Anonymous said...

Well said GCW.

Someone should keep a log of when ex-players blame all sorts of irrelevant stuff on T20 in general, and the IPL in particular.

Not that they’re motivated by jealousy or anything like that.