Tuesday 16 December 2008

Cricket correspondent does job - read all about it!

Peter Roebuck's story for the SMH about the link between Javed Miandad, director general of the PCB, and Dawood Ibrahim, a drug baron suspected of providing logistical support for the Mumbai attacks, points to the death of any prospects of India touring Pakistan. Miandad's son is married to Ibrahim's daughter.

Pakistan's isolation, and the loss of its players, draws closer. 

Roebuck is one of the few ex-pros who is a better journalist than he was a cricketer. Who'll be the first to run the story here? MP Vaughan owes the Telegraph a column, doesn't he?


atticus said...

Yes, I read that article two days ago when I was fishing for some fresh news about the aus/saf series. brave article indeed. well written too, shame more journos don't do that. thanks for highlighting the article. hope lots of people will now read it.

The Old Batsman said...

Still no sign of it in the UK press - will it get a run? Will we ever hear of Pakistan again?