Sunday 21 December 2008

KP: non-religious conversion

Unless he makes a quintuple hundred in England's second innings in Mohali, Kevin Pietersen has no chance of squeezing past his old chum Graeme Smith as Test cricket's leading run scorer of 2008. Unless he makes a triple he will not surpass the Herculean Sehwag for the highest knock of the year. 

But his glowing, brooding 144 today gave him possession of a stat perhaps more remarkable than both of the above. KP has gone past 50 six times in 2008, and he has turned five into centuries. He would have had a conversion rate of 100 per cent had he succeeded in whacking Paul Harris over long on whilst on 94 at Edgbaston. 

Get him early or don't get him, my friends. 

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Anonymous said...

I liked it when compared to his conservative approach to batting (and thereby, getting out to Yuvraj). It entertained us all, but i am not sure if it would contribute anything to a favourable result.