Tuesday 2 December 2008

More die of heartbreak

Our man Iain O'Brien went to Adelaide with a Test batting average of 3.8. Only Chris Martin's was lower. In the first dig, IOB got a six-ball duck. In the second, he went in with his side 131-8, 134 runs away from making the Australians bat again.

He was involved in the highest partnership of the innings, 50, with Brendon McCullum. He batted for 54 minutes, which was longer than Redmond, Ryder, Taylor, Flynn, Vettori and Southee. He survived 38 balls, which was more than Redmond, Ryder, Taylor, Flynn, Vettori and Southee. It was also 22 balls more than he'd faced in his previous three innings combined.

It was a decent knock. He got sawn off by Billy Doctrove. He made 0. In a hundred years, the records will show that Iain O'Brien bagged a pair in Adelaide, and that his Test average went to 3.35.

More die of heartbreak than anything else. 


Damith S. said...

Those 1 hour ducks are some of the best innings played buy those no11.

Iain is becoming quite the legend isnt he.

Anonymous said...

Iain is the only bowler (other than the captain) left standing.

Out go Martin, Southee, Mills and Elliott.

The Old Batsman said...

Gillespie's a big risk, no?