Monday, 26 October 2009

Lost and found

Many times I have driven past cricket grounds and got that strange sensation of an elusive familiarity, a sense that somewhere, at some point, in all those hundreds of matches, I've played there. Usually it's just a faint echo, but occasionally the feeling locates itself around a very specific memory.

Last week, I passed the Officer's Club at Aldershot. It looked magnificent in the painterly autumn light; its white brick pavilion worthy of a county ground, the long covers and the golden trees the only reminder that summer has gone. 

It's actually two grounds, a small nursery separated from the main pitch by a long terrace. I played there as a very young batsman, co-opted into a police side by a neighbour. All I remember about the game is an intense determination to still be batting at tea, which was probably about twenty minutes away when I got in. I desperately wanted to know what it felt like to be one of the not out batters. I made it, and kept my pads on at the table. That's how not out I was.

Not far from there, also on army land, was an old shed with nets in it that we used in winter. It was always cold; a floor of hard, polished wooden boards with mats laid over the top. Bowlers had room for their full run, and because of the surface, got a fast, skidding bounce, not steep but rapid.

There, I tasted real pain for the first time. One of the bowlers was a couple of years older, a decent, slingy quick with a fast arm. The surface was made for him. One day I inside-edged a short one into the fleshy part of my thigh. It hurt so much I actually couldn't breathe for a minute. Two balls later, he did it again, on the exact same spot. It felt like a knife blade going in. You could see the stitches of the ball in the bruise mark, which went from groin to knee, a glowing black in the middle, going through all degrees of purple out to yellow at the edges. I can almost feel it now.


Mark said...

First game I ever played in on the hallowed first eleven square at college - U13's Second XI. We bowled them out for 80 odd and the cricket master deemed half an hours batting before tea - which was taken in the pavilion, rather than in the school canteen. (Esteemed folk like Cowdrey, Dexter, Brearley and Graveney had used the said pavilion)

I scored 5 not out in the half an hour - and we 'teaed' on 16-5!

For that 20 minute break, I felt like the mutt's nutts.

Then go out in the over afterwards!

The Old Batsman said...
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The Old Batsman said...

Not out at tea - it's the fucking bomb. A great moment in life.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Absolute gold OB, rave on.

Tom Redfern said...

played against the Army there this year. I think it's the same ground. Proper pavillion in that you have to walk down a long-ish flight of steps and a good walk till you get to the middle.

The Old Batsman said...

Cheers Naked! Tom, yes, that's the one. Nice place.