Thursday 22 October 2009

Just fancy that!

Michael Vaughan interviews Gary Neville
Daily Telegraph 25 September
MV: If you were ECB boss, what would you change about cricket?
Gary Neville: 'I would want to make county cricket more attractive. Maybe create a world series of domestic cricket where state teams from Australia and South Africa and sides from India and Pakistan play here in a world league of four-day cricket. County cricket looks dead to me'. 

Andy Bull interviews Michael Vaughan
The Guardian, 20 October
'So what does he [Vaughan] want to see happen? 'I would encourage them to introduce overseas teams to county cricket. It's just something different. I don't think we should just think county cricket should stay as it is. Change would be a good thing. I think the idea of having a world series of county four-day cricket would be a good one'.

Update: Ceci managed to get a pic of the Neville interview. Now that's journalism. 


Gaurav Sethi said...

Now we know what Andy Bull will say to Gary Neville in next month’s interview.

Brit said...

That is alarming. Good spot.

Ceci said...

Oo I loved that OB!

(acknowledged you in tweet and put in link to your admirable organ of course)