Monday 5 October 2009

Flying private: feel the lust

Last week, it looked like Michael Vaughan had three jobs. The world had almost forgotten about his original post-cricket gig as a journo for the Telegraph.

Well MPV hasn't. He's roared back into print via an interview with golf tyro Rory McIlroy. And what an interview it is. Vaughany positively drips with longing for this new, small and spherical world, for, as anyone knows [especially anyone who knows Chubby Chandler] it's golf, not cricket, that is the gateway to real riches.

It can't be done justice here. Just click on the link and enjoy.  


Tom Redfern said...

Dear OB,
I don't mind the time lost reading this. But for a few seconds, I opened this link with an open mind; open to be suprised and what did I find? I found the same as you: Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Ceci said...

Did he write this himself in the third person?

Brian Carpenter said...

If this is the standard of Vaughan's work, remind me not to buy the DT (not that I would anyway).

Talk about 'money for old rope'.

Brit said...

The interview should have been entitled The Morning Captain Kind of Thing, after this question:

What is your relationship like with Monty? I've been a captain and played in teams with captains and there is always that respect, and the 'morning, captain' kind of thing. What is it like with Monty?

Mind you, there is one good bit:

In cricket, you'd be batting against Australia, and Warney would wander by and say ''Oh, I didn't realise you'd changed your stance'

Warne is an evil genius.

The Old Batsman said...

Oh, I really hope he did write it himself in the third person. That would take it up a notch.

Let's hope Michael Vaughan is better at his three other jobs...