Tuesday 21 April 2009

Please explain, Lalit

One thing confuses me about this year's IPL:

Can you have a DLF Maximum that is also a Citi Moment Of Success?

Just asking...


achettup said...

Or indeed as Danny Morrison I think asked yesterday, what cap will someone end up wearing if they are both the highest scorer and highest wicket taker? Purple with orange polka dots would seem fitting. Or the other way around.

Dave said...

Perhaps they will wear both caps - one on top of the other, both facing opposite ways. The question is which one on top?

cricketanalysisdotcom said...

I'm pretty sure Sunil Gavaskar or maybe someone else got confused in one of the first couple of games. He accidentally called a six a "citi moment of success" but then managed to correct himself. Phew, good thing he did.

Damith S. said...

I have just checked. A DLF maximum can indeed be a Citi moment of success. Some people are calling it the Subprime moment of success. Fitting the IPL exactly !

The Old Batsman said...

Nice, Damith, proper old-school investigative journalism. My solution would be that, when a potential DLF Maximum/Citi moment Of Success occurs, the game is stopped, the commentators make their way onto the pitch and ask the batsman whether he would prefer them to announce the shot as a DLF or a Citi. Their entrance and exits to the field could be preceded by ad breaks, of course.

The hats is more of a problem, but the successful man should probably be asked to bowl wearing the bowling hat. Either that, or the bowling award becomes a special pair of trousers, worn in conjunction with the batting helmet.

12th Man said...

It started with a confusion when someone called a DLF maximum a Citi moment of success.

The broadcasters would have had to explain that to the sponsors, as it is unfair to receive DLF's money and call it a Citi moment. Though there is no conflict of interest (with DLF into construction and Citi into financial services), the broadcasters have the accountability to get the moments right.

If a DLF Maximum is also a Citi moment of success, it would entail having received 50% sponsorship from both.

We will soon have a Toyota "No ball", a Natwest "wide", an AIG "leg bye", a Honda "free hit" and so forth.

Q said...

12th Man that's very interesting.. I'd like to point u to a post I did abt a year ago:


My favorite is the "Durex Push through the covers".

Sorry to use this space for advertising Old Batsman, but I thought it was apt for the topic of ur post :-)