Thursday, 23 April 2009

Far from the madding crowd

In Durban, AB de Villiers makes 105 from 54 balls, Matty Hayden [still barebat, mind you] responds with 57 from 27. Fireworks and dancing girls.

In Bristol, Essex are beating Gloucester in two and a half days. Needing 101, they reach 96-3, five runs required. They went to lunch. 

It's the same game, somewhere under the skin. 


Brit said...

Just heard on Setanta after Mascheranas bowls a dot ball:

Mark Nicholas: "...a dot ball! A dot ball can be glamorous. Twenty20 cricket can make the dot ball!"

Robin Jackman: "Perhaps a dot ball can get him a part in a Bollywood movie."

The Old Batsman said...

It's beyond parody, isn't it.

Just watched the super over. It took longer than the match.

Ceci said...

I can forgive the IPL crassness everything, for it brought me Jeremy Coney throwing some shapes with the dancing girls

Rodney Ulyate said...

Oh, I do love this blog. The "barebat" neologism -- it's yours, presumably? -- is pure genius.

Thoroughly amused,
Rodney Ulyate

The Old Batsman said...

Thanks Rodney - yes I claim barebat!