Saturday 18 April 2009

The first cut is the deepest

Was supposed to be the first game of the season for me today. It was called off at 10.16am [approx]. 

When I was a kid and playing seriously, I was ambivalent about cancellations. There was always another game. Others were pressurised, and the overwhelming emotion was relief that they were off. 

Now it's purely for fun, it doesn't matter - and so it does. I sit here with the warm sun streaming into the room, the madness of the IPL on the box, thinking, yeah, I could be out there now... That would be nice. That would be good. That would feel right.


Brit said...

Rain and frustration are such a massive part of cricket. Cricket, by a long way, is the sport that teaches you most about life (and death).

The Old Batsman said...

Perfectly put.