Tuesday 18 November 2008

No more six please, we're British

Last night Sky aired their highlights package of the Hong Kong Sixes, which, with its five over a side 45-minute games, is itself a highlights package made flesh. Thus the highlights of the highlights were cricket absurdo ad reductum. 

In one group match, Australia were 52-1 - after two overs. You might think it would be hard to show highlights of those two overs without showing the actual two overs, but Sky did it. 

All the event lacked was Roy and HG on commentary. Instead it had Danny Morrison and Ian Bishop, who, having misjudged their opening tone and become hugely excited by the first few sixes, left themselves with nowhere to go. By the time the 300th - someone was actually counting - sailed skywards, they were reduced to grunting 'it's another maximum' through their destroyed and flapping larynxes. In fact, forget Roy and HG, Benaud and Arlott would have been the dream ticket here.

England won a brilliantly comical final against Australia by losing less wickets in a tied game; not, I'm sure, the criteria by which they thought they would be victorious. Maybe Boycs should go next time, to hold up an end. He's only 68, after all. 

The England team was quite useful: Mascarenhas (so that's where he was), Bresnan, Trott, Napier, Maddy, Wagg. Amusingly, Hoggy turned out for the Stephen Fleming captained All-Stars.

The Oz sent youngsters - do they ever let any opportunity slip? Their squad: John Davidson, Brendan Drew, John Hastings, Michael Hill, Stephen O'Keefe, Nathan Reardon and David Warner.

They looked good, but in a tournament with 300 sixes, so did everybody. To paraphrase Spinal Tap, how many more sixes can there be, and the answer is none. None more sixes...


Anonymous said...

I was surprised when Darren Gough recommended Bresnan and Napier to be included in the English ODI squad after their 'Super Sixes' performance.

I hope you read his views on selection 'favouritism' in The Spin.

The Old Batsman said...

I did - I was interested in his remark that he 'couldn't put his finger on' what was wrong with the England ODI side - that's a feeling lots of us share, I'd say.

Choosing anyone on the basis of the Sixes would be nuts, but I think Napier has a bit of star quality, and he's been clocked around 85mph with his bowling too.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why the English selectors are obsessed with bits-and-pieces cricketers.

The present English side has enough of them - Samit, Bopara, Colly and Fred to some extent. Barring Fred, none of them have mastered one of either bowling or batting.

Why don't they look for a genuine batsman or a genuine bowler who can contribute his best in his area of expertise? I'm sure there is no shortage of talent.

Damith S. said...

We were the defending champions.

We did not do well.

I was not happy.
ps- how about a link exchange mate.
im adding you to my blogroll now.

Damith S. said...

Before this I dint know Langer could hit 6s btw.


The Old Batsman said...

12th Man - an excellent point, although I don't think they should pigeonhole Napier in that way. He has an extraordinary aptitude for belting it. That said, you're right - monty plus a batsman?

Thanks Damith - am putting you on the blogroll now. Langer's been batting at Taunton. The pitch there is like a section of motorway. No wonder he can slog now.