Sunday 23 November 2008

Body talk... la dah dah

The BCCI-TV cameras dwelled lovingly on the England rooms as the Boys went 4-0 down in Bangalore. You didn't need to be Cracker to work out the psychodramas within. At one end sat Peter Moores, on his own, arms folded, leg crossed against the rest of the room. At the other sat KP, arms also folded, his lackey Bell passing him Red Bull. The rest made themselves scarce. 

In one of those offbeat Ducky-L games, England fell 19 short, despite getting 178 to India's 166. England lost it at the start of their innings, when they scored 21 from the first six. In the power play. Bell made 12 in seven overs. 

NB: Graeme Swann went in before Matt Prior. For the uninitiated, Prior is a Sussex man, where he made his name under coach P. Moores.


Anonymous said...

Initially, i too felt it was atrocious to let England score 198 when India made only 166.

On hindsight, i felt it was acceptable. Any team batting first expecting a 50 over game, scoring shy over 6 an over losing a single wicket after 17 overs is said to be in a strong position. And suddenly after the resumption of play, they are allowed to have a wild slog for 5 overs!

If England were allowed to chase 167 when they come back, it would be seriously unfair as they now know at what rate they have to score.

At the same time, England had to bat lesser number of powerplay overs. It evens out at the end i think.

The Old Batsman said...

Agreed, I didn't think the total was too high, just one of those DL oddities. India had the advantage of 17 powerplay overs, but then England ended up with a gettable chase. If India had batted their 50, they were looking at another 300+