Sunday 1 May 2011

D is for Danny

It's perfectly apparent that Danny Morrison is not all there. Or maybe he is all there, but there's just not a lot of it there in the first place. Either way, listening to him commentate on the IPL is like sitting next to the harmless fellow in the mad clobber on the bus as he tells you something you already know. It's slightly embarrassing and you kind of wish he'd stop, but it's nothing terminal.

Some people - men, mostly - exist quite happily without any kind of critical faculty. Everything they like is just great. I know a guy who is a fan of heavy metal [nothing wrong with that, I'm partial to a bit myself, especially just before batting...]. He has thousands of records and he likes all of them. He likes some more than others, but there aren't any that he doesn't like. You can mention any one of them, and he'll tell you it's great, because he likes heavy metal.

Danny Morrison likes the IPL. There aren't any bits of it that he doesn't like. He likes the way he can turn a company name into a verb ['He's DLF-ed him']; he likes shouting stuff like 'A is for Awesome' at the top of his voice; he likes it when anyone does anything on the field or in the crowd. He likes the sponsors, he likes the players, he likes the money, he likes the outfits.

It's inane and annoying but it's not cynical, or at least not as cynical as some people think. He's just, you know, one of those blokes...

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Tim Newman said...

I'm finding the IPL commentary a bit annoying too, actually. Particularly the referring to a six as "the maximum". The IPL is looking increasingly like a competition aimed to please 10 year old boys. Perhaps that's why they employed Morrison?