Sunday 8 May 2011

Accidental heroes

Well, you leave the country for a couple of days* and come back to three new captains. Well, that's the line in the paper away, although one of them doesn't look that new to me. New to not having two jobs, I suppose.

So, at risk of banging on about old news, here's something about the situation that doesn't seem to have been analysed to death: it's the only obvious response to the future that is rushing towards us. It may have been a decision forced by circumstance, but it is one that acknowledges the increasing improbability of one captain being able to fulfill the role format-in, format-out, year-in, year-out without becoming a basket case after a few seasons.

England, Australia, South Africa and India in particular will never, while it's commercially viable, get that reduction of the calendar that the players talk about all year round [except when the IPL is on]. The sensible response for nations with the money and resources to do so is to develop their Test, 50-over and T20 teams as separate units with some interchangable components.

Most of the arguments here seem to have been about the components rather than the structure. That structure appears to be the only logical one in the face of the remorseless, relentless international game.

* In France. How can somewhere so close be so utterly cricket-free? They've not even heard of it.


Anonymous said...

*Because the French really hate you - and I know what
I am talking about I am a German and we are No. 2 on that list!

Tim Newman said...

[except when the IPL is on].


diogenes said...

Cook in ODIs...he has less eight of shot or placement than Brearley without the game-management skills

John Halliwell said...

Athers appears to make a good point when he says: "He (Cook) spent time out of the one-day team and could hone his technique in first-class cricket. He won't be able to do that and he will have to develop his one-day game, play a lot more with an open face. That could affect his Test form."

How sad will it be if Atherton is proved right? In May, 2013, with the Aussies about to arrive, we could find ourselves back at the point where the major topic of debate is: 'Is Cook good enough to open for England? Is he an inconsistent liability?' And with the added question 'Has one-day cricket and the relentless pressures on captaincy, buggered him up good and proper?' I do hope Atherton's concerns are proved unfounded and Cook moves further down the line of becoming, what he promised to become only a few months ago, one of the most prolific Test batsmen of all time.

Brit said...

Broad looks like an exciting choice as the T20 captain. Cook has been picked as ODI captain largely to give him some practice before he takes over from Strauss as Test captain, but then again, he's probably also the best candidate.

I like your compartmentalization theory, OB, and suspect it will happen by default anyway. The next step would be a separate T20 coach.

The Old Batsman said...

Compartmentalisation is the way ahead. Even if it's difficult to type.

Phaty, clue us in about German cricket...