Thursday 3 September 2009

Life at the cricket-football interface

'Wayne Rooney will miss England's World Cup qualifier this weekend after a short ball from Peter Crouch knocked three of his teeth out during the team's traditional warm-up game of cricket on the Wembley turf today.

'Crouchy's a bit lively with his height, and the groundsman had just wet the pitch down, so it was a real green top,' said skipper John Terry. 'Wazza's gone to hospital as a precaution. It was just bad luck really - no-one could have seen it coming. The lads like to have a game of cricket because it's a good way to get them going in the morning when you have to warm up 200 days a year.'

'Rooney's injury is the third sustained by an England international while playing cricket in the Wembley goalmouth. David James had a bail flick into his eye while standing up to David Beckham's occasional off-spin last march, while Ashley Cole top-edged a ball into his jaw attempting to reverse-sweep one of Steve McLaren's dibbly-dobblers during the ill-fated European Championship qualifying campaign.'

Yeah, er not very likely, is it... After all, which international sporting teams would keep getting themselves injured playing a game with which they're not familiar?



Ceci Masters said...

Rooney would be awfully good at diving into his crease after a sharp single. Not that I think any footie players would play cricket - it does require some thought - and it is played with a hard ball and they are all daft big girls' blouses (except for Boro players who are just daft)

Mark said...

Years ago (1973?) I saw Chelsea play Surrey at The Oval. It was a dual testimonial event for Stuart Storey (the cricketer, not the commentator)and Peter Houseman.

They played a 40 over a side game that Surrey only won by 7 runs - Chelsea boss Dave Sexton scored 80 odd and Steve Kember got 40, then they played seven-a-side football.

I only mention it because I'm scared it might be a figment of my imagination...

namya said...

Thankfully the bowler wasn't Theo Walcott.. Next Manu- Arsenal would turn into a Rugby match in that case.. more like cricket-football-rugby interface :)

The Old Batsman said...

Dave Sexton scored 80 against Surrey?! Blimey... Now you mention it though, I'm quite sure that those kind of games did used to happen.

A bit like Superstars, you can't imagine it happening now. And I'd bet Arsene Wenger can't bat.

Unknown said...

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