Thursday, 1 April 2010

Pressure and time

Just as the sea will eventually erode the cliffs and a pebble on the ocean floor will one day make the beach, 'like', as that TV show has it, 'sands through the hour-glass', there is to be a change in the Australian batting order.

Notwithstanding the date of the announcement, Ricky Ponting has apparently conceded that Michael Clarke has been in the team long enough now to bat number four. Clarke turns 29 tomorrow, but he still the Pup to Ricky, 35, Simon Katich, 34, Mike Hussey, 34, and Marcus North, 30.

Ponting appears to be suggesting a straight swap with Hussey, although it's probably time for Punter to move too.

Australia now have a couple of Tests in England against Pakistan before the Ashes, so their batting line-up, if not order, is probably set. What's striking is its age. Of the top seven, only Clarke and Watson will be under 30, and Clarke not by much. With Haddin, 33, as keeper batsman, come november, they'll have an average age of 32 and a half.

England, should they go with the current side, will have Strauss, Collingwood and Pietersen over 30, and an average age of 29 years and eight months.

Age doesn't have to mean that much, but there's a stasis here. You have to wonder what a Hughes or a Smith would do for Australia, or equally Morgan for England.


Anonymous said...

The Aussies have been a bit gutless with their batsmen and Punter's form is a real worry.

England just need to catch well to keep the ashes on top of consistent performance in the other disciplines. They won't have to be brilliant to be the Aussies.

The Old Batsman said...

Anon - that's lucky then, because they certainly won't be brilliant...!