Friday, 17 July 2009

Phil Space Trophy: A lovely lady writes

It may have been the first day of the Lord's Test, the Open golf and some palaver or other about football transfers, but the Times this morning finds a spare thousand words for Gabby Logan to reflect on the biggest issue of the day: which Ashes team is the best looking, England or Australia?

'Our boys are considerably more handsome than theirs,' gushes Gabs [no slacker in the good-looks stakes herself, I hope she'll forgive me for saying, although that's definitely not why she's got the job]. 

Sadly, a fuller analysis of England's sizzling physiques won't be forthcoming, because there are no 'tight shirts', like they have in rugby. 'It's different in Test cricket,' she rightly notes. 'Cricketers cover up a lot of their appearance, with the caps, the sunglasses and the long trousers'.

Spot on, Gabby! 

NB: Let's hope the Times offers equal opportunity to the women's game tomorrow. I mean because, that Sarah Taylor, eh... She makes Karen Rolton's crew look a bit ordinary, doesn't she? Of course, I could tell better if they were wearing skirts, but you know...


Brit said...

My attempts to educate my wife about cricket have been entirely futile. Like Neil Hannon, she calls them 'points' and always, always asks - no matter how many times I try to explain - the great question "Who's winning?"

Anyway, she took one look at Ricky Ponting and observed: "Ooh I don't like him. He's horrid."

"Well spotted," I said.

Tom Redfern said...

Dear OB,
A few thoughts fuelled by envy; yes I envy Gaby Logan's musings in any broadsheet, I envy her interviews on bbc sports which are full of insight. That one with Flintoff was gripping. Yes envy, bloody envy that a crisp and lucid writer has such a brilliant career. Can't wait for her next piece or interview.

The Old Batsman said...

Point taken!