Thursday, 2 July 2009

Brett Lee: They lied

Brett Lee just bowled his way into the Test team at Worcester. He produced an over in which every ball was over 90mph [at least on the Sky radar, a device you wouldn't necessarily want pointing at your car in 30mph zone], and he cleaned up Joe Denly, who was set on 66, and Ian Bell first ball*. He almost removed Vikram Solanki's foot with the next one, which was a reversing yorker timed at 95mph. The Lions were 172-0 at the time.

That over reminded me of the story of Ali fighting Frazier in Manila, when Frazier hit Ali with a left hook that Ali later said 'could have brought cities down'.

'They told me you was finished Joe,' Ali whispered.

'They lied,' Frazier replied. 'They lied'.

*Insert your own joke here. 


Brit said...

and Ian Bell first ball...

Aha! I'll bet a few spectators hoggled at that.

The Old Batsman said...

That is uncanny. Uncanny, I'm telling you. It's the bit about the selectors that raises it up.

Brit said...

Isn't it though?

Mitchell Johnson appears to have been bashed around a bit. 0 for 101off 20. Is it a sneaky ploy do you think?

Rob said...

He also bowled really quick to Chris Gayle...but it didn't help much.