Sunday, 14 June 2009

Nobody knows anything

Latest odds for World T20:

Pakistan [Wins over Netherlands and New Zealand so far] 9/2 third favourites

England [lost to Netherlands, beat Pakistan and India] 15/2 fifth favourites

West Indies [Couldn't beat England at all before tournament began] 7-1 fourth favourites

New Zealand [Who's injured? Who's flown home? What's going on?] 12-1

Admit it chaps, you've got about as much of a clue as the rest of us. It must be a half-decent tournament...


achettup said...

I think you left out the biggest joke of all... unless the Saffers do end up winning in which case the jokes on us.

Q said...

It is.. its a more than decent tournament.. shocks, upsets, twists, turns, surprises, everything in a matter of a week and a bit.

Brit said...

Yes, I'm enjoying it. A lot more than I thought I would.