Friday, 5 June 2009

Nether Netherland

Er, lads, don't s'pose anyone's still got that number for Michael Vaughan?

NB: Update from the Planning Dept:
Number of England players entering the tournament with known injuries: 1 [Kevin Pietersen]
Man chosen as Pietersen's replacement: Robert Key
Number of warm-up games for which Key was selected: 0


Dave said...

Some strange logic from the team today. Rob Key, opening batsman. Let's send him in at six!

Dutch building a dangerous partnership, England need a wicket. Does Captain Colly turn to his best bowler? No, he brings himself on.

Brit said...

My jacuzzi-partner's innings aside, that was more sorry evidence that the world has indeed jumped the shark.

It's pretty hard to believe that any another country would leave both Mascheranas and Napier 'on the bench'. Good old England. If you can't hit a single six between you in a 2020 match you should automatically be disqualified from the tournament.