Wednesday 10 February 2016


Glad to say that my blogging interregnum is over. I've been writing a book about cricket that's sort of based on this blog, a book which, like an endless Ashes tour that ends 0-5 followed by a couple of meaningless ODIs in Sharjah on the way home, is finally finished.

A couple of odd coincidences occurred when I was doing it, one being Chris Gayle making a dick of himself as I was writing something about his transformative effect on modern batting - a queasy moment, and another when Pranav Dhanawade made 1009 not out and went past the score of AEG Collins in the process. Collins is in the book, too, so as the controversy over the validity of the 1009 began I tweeted Lawrence Booth to ask him if it would be in Wisden, kind of hoping he'd say no.

'Well it happened,' he replied, which is probably the only sane answer. So I put it in there too.

Well done Pranav, you've really made it now.


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