Monday 28 March 2011

Shaun Tait Retires From Bowling

Australian paceman Shaun Tait has today retired from bowling in order prolong his bowling career.

'Playing cricket doesn't really suit my body, but this way I can still make myself available for the IPL auction without having to actually bowl. I'm sure plenty of people would still like the name Shaun Tait on the team sheet, even if I'm not playing.'

'I'd hate to retire from receiving those pay cheques,' he concluded. 'This way, I'm much more able to manage the strain on my bank accounts'.

NB: In seriousness, Taity's decision brings this day closer.


Anonymous said...

you have to wonder what Wilfrid Rhodes, Sydney Barnes, Maurice Tait or Clarrie Grimmett, or Alec Bedser, or Ritchie Benaud would say about the concept of becoming a better bowler by not bowling too much. It's a little too post-modern, really. Practise always did make perfect.

Rob said...

I thought he had already retired from ODIs once.

John Halliwell said...

I wonder what this fellow would have thought?