Thursday 19 August 2010

Bill for stickers

Well then, an out of form left hander whose batting had gone backwards did get a few yesterday - but it wasn't Alastair Cook. Cookie still can't buy a run. Stuart Broad - remember him, one time England number six in the making - did what he used to do, swung merrily and actually connected for once.

Some say Broad's batting went into reverse because he's not actually getting any batting, others think it's because he can only swing or block and he's been sussed out. It's none of those things though. Broady only went and did the classic didn't he? He changed his bat sponsor as soon as he started scoring runs.

Always fatal, that. Broad went from proper bat-making comrades Gunn & Moore to horrid arrivistes adidas. Graeme Swann went from Gray-Nicolls to Gunn & Moore and the same thing happened to him. Bit of hubris, really.

Just shows the perils of sponsoring tail-enders, eh?


Brit said...

On the Channel 5 highlights show the teamsheet has a little icon next to each name to indicate their role.

Strauss obviously had a bat and a C for captain. Cooke, for some reason, had a bat. Colly had a bat followed by a ball to indicate that he's a batsman who bowls a bit. Swann had a ball followed by a bat to indicate a bowler who's useful down the order.

Broad just had a ball.

Sportskeeda said...

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Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

I'm amazed any of them have got a bat next to their names in the line ups at the moment.

If their batting dosen't improve no end soon, they will have no chance in Oz.

The doing 'just enough syndrome' that England seem to have, isn't good enough. Just because we are hammering a poor side, the batting failures seem to be getting over looked.

I think Cook has got away with it for years now, he could easily have gone when Bell got dropped in West Indies after that 51 all out embarrassment back in 2009.

Except then, Bell was carrying the can for the batting frailties, so Cook got away with it.

I drive for a living and listen to TMS during the day. I don't even need to watch Cooks wickets on the tele when I get home at night, as I can see them in my mind, such is the regularity that he gets out in the same way.

It's the 'not learning' for 2-3 years now that alarms me the most.

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