Wednesday 14 July 2010

Being aware of Shane Warne's awareness

Warnie's back in the commentary box at Lord's after doing all his chips at the World Series of Poker. And he's brought a new phrase with him: 'match awareness'.

Unsurprisingly, Mike Hussey was best at match awareness, showing it when he clobbered Danish Kaneria for a six and four to take the pressure off Tim Paine, who was becalmed on debut; and when he kept nicking the strike.

Mohammad Asif was the worst at it, because he was allowing Hussey singles with his slacker fielding.

So, 'match awareness'. Expect all of the Sky Boys to be using it before long. It's when you do something good or bad, in a match situation.

NB: Asif's fielding was slack by world standards. By Pakistan's standards, it was perfectly acceptable. It's another reason to love Pakistan - they don't give a toss about fielding. It's for squares [let's introduce the term 'square fielding' for one of those long sprints around the boundary followed by a dive that rakes the ball back into play, forcing you to run after it again before you can throw it in, saving an absolute maximum of one run: 'that was a terrific bit of square fielding down at third man by Ian Bell...'].


Brit said...

Good old Warnie, always innovating. I think you're right, 'match awareness' is eminently repeatable.

I look forward to Gower leading Bumble and Both in a good long rain-delay discussion about which England players have it. "We all know he can bat, alright, we've seen that time and time again, and Matt Prior's work behind the stumps has improved out of sight in the last, what, six to twelve months...but are there still one or two question marks about his match awareness?"

Anonymous said...

Watching Pakistan outfielding can be hilarious.

Danish Kaneria almost upending himself trying to slide for a ball that is practically across the rope already was a ripper.

There is something rather loveable about Pakistan. Or there was until they let Watson get a five for.

I always knew there was no justice in the world.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

It wouldn't be the first time that Warne has taught our esteemed English commentators a thing or two about cricket. He has always been one step (or many more) ahead of them.

As for Asif and cricket awareness, I think he has it, he just dosen't give a toss though. In his opinion he's probably just there to bowl, not to field, bat or think.

@ Anon, didn't see that with Kaneria, but I can just imagine it. The ironic thing is that if he had a chance of stopping it, he probably wouldn't have bothered trying.

Strange day all round, first I heard that the England football team went up in the rankings on the back of their world cup performance, and then came the even bigger shock of Shane Watson getting on the Lord's honours board for his bowling.

Apparently they have created a new honours board for neutral tests, I suggest they take it a step further and create one just for Watson.

Maybe letting Paul Harris, or Michael Yardy should he ever play test cricket, join him on there one day.