Friday 4 June 2010

'Wow, this feels really good': guess the quotes special

'The other day I went and picked wild cherry tomatoes that grow on my property with the boys. It took us about an hour and I'm thinking, 'wow, this feels really good'. And then we go back and make a puree out of them, strain them out, make a reduction and I cook a meal out of them in the evening'.

Answer here.

'Waves r inspiring, not becoz they rise and fall, but becoz they never fail to rise again'.

Answer here.


Brit said...

Hmmmm tempting to go for Paul Kingsnorth on both of them; but otherwise I'd have plumped for Jamie Oliver and some sort of text message equivalent of Hallmark.

The Old Batsman said...

Kingsnorth - Where is he when you need him?

Viru's good though. He did come up with 'see ball, hit ball' after all, and then put it into practice...

Ceci said...

Matthew Hayden and Herschelle Gibbs?